Malaika Arora has an exceptional Raksha Bandhan post for sister Amrita Arora and it is everything love

Malaika Arora shares an incredible bond with sister Amrita Arora. The two dazzling sisters are regularly observed hanging out together. Today, on the event of Raksha Bandhan, Malaika shared a sincere post for her child sister and it is everything love. Taking to her Instagram handle, Malaika shared an exquisite image of herself alongside Amrita. Wearing customary clothing, Malaika and Amrita look shocking as ever as they present for the image.

She composed, ”Tum hello there ho bandhu, sakha tum howdy’. It’s not only a supplication, it’s not only a song…it’s what characterizes our limitless connection. You are not simply my infant sister…u are my closest companion when I need one, a senior sister when I want to be a youngster again, a sounding board when I want to vent and a sibling so I never miss having one. We are everything to one another and words miss the mark to portray our unceasing bond. Cheerful Rakshabandhan to you! Here’s to the numerous jobs you play in my life…a sister, a sibling, a companion and some more. Regardless of whether it’s the sisterhood of undying help or brother code to ensure each other fiercely…we have everything.’

‘The best of the two universes in a single bundle, that is the means by which I’d prefer to depict you. It very well may be the whole world against us I’ll despite everything be certain of winning with you close by. You are a sister who consistently has my back and a sibling who’ll ensure me at any expense. This Rakshabandhan I’d prefer to thank you for assuming different jobs throughout my life-a sister, a sibling, a companion and some more.’

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